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Monday, February 4, 2013

Portrait of a Lhasa Apso (oil on canvas 8 x 10 in.) Private collection

Yes, it was a great photo! This beloved little dog named Shaila has been gone for a while now, and is much missed by her people.

I enjoy doing commissions of pets. It is thrilling when people recognize their four-footed friends in my paintings.

This one was done on a dark brown underpainting, and I decided to retain the rich darkness for the background, even though the original photo was taken of the dog against a white kitchen floor. The lighting came from two sides - bright and warm from the left and cooler and a little more subdued from the right - couldn't have posed her better in a studio!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teddy Horse (oil on canvas 11 x 14 in.) Sold

It is with great pleasure that I post my first commissioned horse portrait. Here's hoping for many more! Teddy is a friendly horse, much beloved by his owner, and amazingly neat in his stall. He enjoys spending time outdoors even in winter and is growing a plushy warm winter coat, which doesn't show on his face yet. We decided upon a stall portrait because of the warm light that surrounds him as the winter sun comes in the back door of the barn, and the cool sky light from the front door that highlights the handsome bones of his face.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

watercolour portrait (5 x 7 in.) not for sale

24 May finds me commemorating the recent first birthday of a dear little friend - with a portrait in watercolour. This painting is not for sale because it was done as a birthday present.

This portrait is my second try. Both reference photos were taken by me, but the first one was 3/4 view of the face. I worked first in pencil but never got to painting it. The finished pencil portrait is a good likeness of the photo, but not instantly recognizable as the person!  This is often a problem in portraiture - the angle chosen does not adequately present the character.

So I began again from my front view photo, which had not been chosen initially because of its very solemn expression.  I was finished in only a couple of hours and am pleased to recognize my little friend at a glance!