Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blomidon View (oil on canvas 5 x 7 in.)

oil on canvas 5 x 7 in.                          $275

19 September finds us enjoying the panoramic view from the viewpoint on Nova Scotia Highway 358 that is locally named the "Blomidon Look-off".  The road climbs fairly steeply and without switchbacks, along the south east side of the backward-hooked Blomidon Penninsula jutting into the Minas Channel, and now we look over a flat patchwork of woods, fields, roads and buildings as evening darkens the landscape and the  moon rises, nearly full. 

The nearest fields and farms are almost directly below us, then the patchwork of woods, fields, roads and buildings stretches out, all in miniature to the arm of the Bay, and in the distance the main Bay. On the near shore to the north, a Fundy-red low-tide meanders down to the Bay through a patch of marsh at the mouth of Pereaux Creek, which I can see by leaning over to see past the Alders growing up beside the guard rail.
 I paint quickly, sitting on my caddy against the guardrail, heavy sweater and jacket against the cold breeze to my back. underpainting red ochre for the landscape, a complex greenish purple for water, and bands of dull purple cloud and pale evening sky colours above that. Stroking in the dark patches of forest and skewed rectangular fields, I realize that I will again have to finish my painting from photographs, as lights begin to twinkle in the distance and I'm having difficulty in distinguishing the colours on my palette. Strangely enough, after I've packed up and return to the van, the colours in my painting, as I hold it up, still match the scene, which has darkened even further.

This original painting is available for $275. For information on purchase and shipping, please contact me at karstad@pinicola.ca

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  1. Just beautiful, Aleta. I'm amazed at all the detail you can get into a 5x7 oil painting. I love it.


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