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Forsythe Road Sunset

Forsyth Road Sunset (oil on canvas 5 x 8 in.)   $275 Sold 26 December, 2017 found me driving through Limerick  Forest, in search of a scene for my annual "Birthday painting". I had started east on Limerick Rd from County Rd 18, just south of Bishops Mills, and turned south onto Cooper Road, and then south on Forsythe Rd, driving slowly and looking into the snowy woods on both sides of the road, through the rolled-down windows. We are in the midst of a lengthy "Polar Vortex" and are grateful for the foot of snow that came to blanket the ground before the deep freeze arrived. I found my scene after turning around and driving back north past "The Pit" where a mini-van was loading up with rosy-cheeked boys and their sleds, just before sunset. Cresting a low hill, my eyes were met by a familiar sight - the wetland between this morraine and the one where the road takes a "Y", was flooded with late afternoon sunglow. I paused to take photos, wit