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View under the Schoolhouse Bridge

There's no two ways about it - I just have not done a journal page recently enough to post. But I have been sketching in nature - an oil sketch, on a 4 x 6 inch canvas. On Thursday, August 13, my husband Fred and I returned to the "Schoolhouse Bridge" over the Tay River, about 20 kilometres west of Perth in eastern Ontario, so that I could do a quick oil sketch, looking upstream beneath the bridge. This is one of the 27 spots along the Tay River that we surveyed last week for crayfish and fresh water mussels - and hope as I might, I didn't find any time for painting or sketching except this hour and a half in the early evening of the second-last day. As Fred sat beside me at the corner of the bridge abutment, looking at the sunlit scene framed by the concrete bridge, we noticed a strange black and green insect with long trailing green legs, flying up against the wall below the bridge - the wall dancing with weaving sun reflections. It was nearly as large as a hum