Sunday, November 14, 2010

Transition time!

13 November finds us sorting, clearing, shifting, carrying, dumping, and storing in preparation for listing for sale the old General Store building that has been the home of Bishops Mills Natural History Centre since 2002 (this is a photo taken a few years ago when the sign was still up).

In stead of all this moving I would rather paint the Winterberry Holly that I saw yesterday glowing crimson against the dark water of the Red Maple swamp north of Brockville, but I must postpone that painting - indeed, all painting - until next week and I hope the berries won't drop or be eaten by birds before I have time to paint them.

Next week's job will be to continue the move of the Natural History Centre into the barn behind our house and make the "Lab" and "Range" areas of the 30 Main Street building spacious and inviting for the plans and projects of potential buyers. If you know of or are a potential buyer, please contact me! Bev Wigney prepared a slide show about the building several years ago and her photos and floor plans give a good sense of this spacious education and research facility. Feel free to share the link with anyone who may be interested.

Through the week I hope to have time to post a few of my older plein air miniatures for your delectation  - and in the spirit of natural "history" - stay tuned!


  1. It's not the BMNHC that's for sale, but the Bishops Mills General Store building, which has hitherto housed it. We're now engaged in dispersing the collections that the Store building has held, and crushing the residue of collections and artifacts into our house and barn. The BMNHC sign is already up on the side of the barn that will be upgraded to house it.

  2. Thank you Aleta for visiting my drawings from nature blog. I was puzzled as I did not know your husbands blog. Eventually I found that it was "raining acorns" a follower of my blog who had left the comment, and unknown to me, the link to my blog.
    So I have now been able to see your interesting journal pages and nature drawings and paintings.
    I do like your header of the patterned slug, I am just drawing snail shells.

  3. The building has now sold, in a complicated deal, at the end of October, but we retain use of the collections area for the two years it will take to work through the collections. Our project for the winter in this space is to prepare the rest of our mollusc collection to go off to the Canadian Museum of Nature, roughly sort the rest of the material, and get an agreement with an herbarium to take the plants.

    Serge Lemieux, the new owner, is sprucing the place up internally, and de-Sprucing some of the surroundings, so that more of the grounds can be used for parking and his business. Each time he plans to work on a section of the buildings or grounds we make a rush to get it cleaned up, and our residual effects removed.


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