Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gray Tree Frog Retreat (11 x 14 in.) Sold

Gray Tree Frog Retreat

I have just finished this commissioned painting of the Gray Tree Frog, Hyla versicolor, resting in a Manitoba Maple stump behind our house in Bishops Mills.

Oil on canvas, 8 x 10 inches, this one has been very complex to paint - as Fred said this evening, "like a spilled jig-saw puzzle". I wanted the frog to blend with the lichened bark as well as showing distinctly against the rich rusty coloured soft rotted wood of the stump, so the conflict is there, accented by the stems of vines and a spiral tendril that actively gestures to the motionless frog.


  1. Thank you! This little creature is one of my favorite subjects. I could be happy doing a long series of Gray Tree Frog paintings, in every position and all kinds of settings. Looking forward to hearing and seeing them again in a few weeks as they emerge from hibernation in the ground and climb into the trees to sing for a bit before heading to the breeding ponds.


What do you think of this painting, and what do you know about the subject that I have painted?