Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wolf Lake Morning (watercolour, 6 x 7 inches) Sold

17 August found me rousing at dawn on my last day at the art camp on Wolf Lake, to grab my watercolours and sit on the rocks to capture the calm lake with the morning mist retreating. My view was south toward the white granite cliffs and the gap between headlands that marks the narrow passage that Caryn Colman and I paddled into Sylvester Lake yesterday.

Perched cross-legged atop one of the angular chunks of granite that jumbled from the
cliff to the water, I could hear breakfast preparations above and behind me as the morning light broadened. I quickly established the distant line between land and water and applied my first wash of sky, conscious that a dawn painting must be VERY fast! The subtle atmosphere of dawn decreases with time, whereas the rich tones of a scene at sunset become richer with time - hence my preference for painting in the late afternoon and at sunset.

photo by Scott Haig

A canoe moved silently into view on my right,  skirting one of the islands with hardly a ripple. Liz was out early to commune with the Loons, and indeed, she got some nice close photos of one as it called briefly and stretched its wings. Scott was down there as well, but I don't remember him taking my picture. I must have been concentrating on capturing the dawn....

Dear patrons and supporters,

This watercolour sketch is available for $150  to support our work for conservation. If you would like to purchase it, please contact me

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  1. Just love the stillness of this painting - well captured. Rae Smith, Australia


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