Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Art Calendar for 2014

Welcome to my plein air studio – the great outdoors! This calendar for 2014 is a selection of my favorite plein air paintings.
I paint outdoors because it speaks to me directly, to all my senses, and I love the challenge of painting not only what I see, but also painting to share the life and breath of a place and everything in it.
Each painting is an adventure, beginning with the search for a subject, and then finding natural features to accommodate myself and my gear. Then I paint for as long
as conditions allow. Sometimes I can finish the painting, entirely ‘en plein air’, but I always take photos for reference. Even when my time on site is very brief, I’m glad to have been there to put brush to canvas - to work out in my mind the process, and to introduce the life of the place into a work of art.  To preview the calendar and purchase online here is the link.

Have a healthy and happy 2014,

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