Shadblow in bloom, Cepaea snails loitering on old boards

Ahhh, this is better - although now you can't see how this page looked before Rory Tanner helped me retrieve the design.

Fred and I and dog Marigold walked "out back" together early this evening to count the young Leopard Frogs in Elsa's Pond. There were none of the previous multitude evident - just the swirl of a large body submerging - the big Bull Frog who may have eaten them all, or at least scared them away.

We checked under the old boards to see whether any Redbelly Snakes might be at home, and found many large Cepaea snails, active in their 'living rooms'. Some were loitering on top of their boards as well, as decorative as easter eggs, most yellow with spiral brown bands, and one pink.

Marigold chased something that must have been a Garter Snake into the big crack in the cement slab porch of the old red house we call "Pipers House"

Lilacs are starting to leaf out, Apple tree flower buds are peeking, and the Shadblow, or Saskatoon, is in bloom, reddish leaves still folded, as flat as a Japanese painting.

Shadblow in bloom

This image is photographic - in liew of the watercolour that I didn't do this evening. I watched the first part of the documentary film "Being Caribou" instead.


  1. Lovely photograph. So nice that you've set up this blog as a way to share your nature observations. I look forward to seeing what you have planned in the coming posts!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Bev!
    I hope to put up ink sketches, small watercolours, and perhaps parts of my handlettered journal pages. Watch for developments like biography, links to our website pages and publications.


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