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The photo artist and conservationist C. Bayne of BayNiche Conservancy sent me this beautiful photo of Marsh Marigolds,

cbaynema.JPG thanks for viewing on my browser their web pages and slide shows, "Manifestation Superior" and "Snapping Baselines", and sending comments on how they look from here. I got all excited! In "Manifestation Superior" they invite everyone to hike, canoe, and kayak the shoreline of Lake Superior during August 4, 5, and 6 this summer, with a view to conservation - marking points in time and place with each person's observations. "Snapping Baselines" introduces the concept of photo point reference, an invaluable technique for recording changes in the landscape that is simple enough for anyone who can point a camera and click. All that is required to turn tourist photography into a powerful tool for conservation in any part of the world is a well-marked point of reference and some dedicated person or institution to archive the photos in a database for long term storage, retrieval, and comparison. Like snapping a carpenter's chalkline, we can snap images of the landscape in a baseline with which to measure changes in vegetation patterns, clues to disturbances like pollution, alteration in drainage, climate change, new patterns of animal use, insect infestations, and even natural forest succession. "Snapping Baselines" also describes how Geocaching naturally provides points of reference for repeated photos through the seasons by strangers who are keen to share what they have found. This is Citizen Science at its best - and simplest! Bravo BayNiche!

I have a .pdf of the flyer for "Manifestation Superior" that I can send by e-mail if anyone would like to print it and/or distribute it. Gathering data about an awesome and vulnerable shoreline will transform for many people what might have been a simple holiday excursion into something much more meaningful - to themselves, and to Superior itself.


  1. What a lovely web page/blog! Especially on my new computer, I finally broke down and replaced my 7 year old P3 with a 20" iMac... Thanks for the kind words and enthusiasm for our work.

  2. What a delightful welcome to your "Aletalog" to see familiar edibles! The Caltha palustris pictured here is growing in a wet back wash of a small stream. On my property I find them tucked in such nooks and as a consequence think of them also by their other common name, cowslip, visualizing a female moose as I do so. Congratulations on a great blog and wishing you huge success. C

  3. I'm glad you like my weblog. And good luck with Manifestation Superior - we don't know what we'll be doing in early August, but if we can, we'll be there!

  4. Just for your information: I am enjoying your blog but it is not coming through well on my computer. The frame on the left and right sides are off set so that the frame goes through the text and photos on the left and the frame on the right is out in the page space. I am assuming it is a problem with your blog and not my computer as all the other blogs are coming in fine. (That being said, just as I started to write this comment, your frame corrected itself. Strange. Perhaps the problem is fixed now?)


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