About Aleta's Work

ALETA KARSTAD is an artist of the out of doors.

With her biologist husband Fred Schueler, she has been exploring nature in Canada for 40 years. Since 2009 this blog has showcased the results of their art and exploration.

Here, science, art, and conservation come together. Aleta's paintings glow as you scroll down the blog, and there are many surprises, as her sunbects are not all landscapes! Equally enthralling are accounts of how she does them. Alongside the art are journals of adventures in on-site "en plein air" painting, and new discoveries of rare species, invasive aliens, and ecological change. Join in discussion by leaving comments, and purchase Karstad paintings to support art & science in the exploration of Canada.

Aleta welcomes contact by e-mail: karstad("at"symbol)pinicola.ca


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