Last Week

Last week found me at home in Bishops Mills, multitasking a diversity projects and errands ranging from catching up on the previous week's paintings to attending meetings to paying bills to emergency lake surveys to moving furniture - so hectic that it's hard to recall it all.  I took a break from new daily paintings, which was very difficult to persuade myself to do, as each day presented me with potential painting subjects that I was obliged to ignore!

This week is shaping up the same way, as I haven't caught up with essential aspects of my life yet, and planned field trips for the 30 Years Later Expedition have accordingly been delayed while Fred attends to specimen curation and report writing.  I know I call them "daily paintings" but we're coming to the realization that when I resume the Biodiversity miniatures, they should be on two separate schedules - five per week while the Expedition is active, and three per week while we're at home.

So you can expect to see occasional paintings on this blog over the course of July (escalating to a painting a day during our field trip in mid July) and then regular "daily" paintings at the rate of five per week for a couple of months when the Expedition takes us to the Maritimes at the end of the first week of August.  Three paintings a week should be sustainable at home through the winter, picking up to five again when the second year of the 30 Years Later Expedition launches in the spring of 2011 for points west.


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