Jacquet of Many Colours (oil on canvas 5 x 7 in.) SOLD!

13 August finds Kathleen and I painting at the Jacquet River again, this time farther south in the Jacquet River Gorge Protected Natural Area, all the way down Mitchell Road to the closed bridge.  I sit on the flat ledge in the shade of my big blue and white umbrella, painting all the colours of the Jacquet River.  Here the green bedrock bottom, carved deep by the scouring of its multicoloured cobbles, gives the clear water coursing down the main channel a mysterious glass green colour in the afternoon sunshine.

On the far side of this narrow channel the river chatters among stones past the bar and on this side it makes a standing wave and swirls and slips over larger stones, chuckling around the emergent rocks just off the ledge where I sit in the shade of my large blue and white umbrella, painting the many colours of the river.

Dr. Reginald Webster, freelance entomologist working with the Canadian Forest Service, bends over one of the golden-mossed rocks, splashing river water over it to flush out tiny Staphylinid beetles which live in the mosses and crevices of the rock.  When he examines them under the microscope he expects to find at least a new record for the province, if not one or two entirely new species.


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