Wooly Chanterelle (watercolour 5 x 6 in.) SOLD!

12 August finds me in the Bio-blitz lab in New Mills, New Brunswick, painting a watercolour of a cluster of mushrooms that we collected on our hike back from Antinouri Falls yesterday.  When we presented it to Amanda, the micology specialist she asked me several questions about the habitat and condition of the mushrooms before picking, that had me embarassed that I'd taken to little time to observe.  I had taken photos though, to help me in painting - but I am not referring to them at all.  Having the mushrooms in front of me on the table and in good light is far better than any photo, and I have been contentedly painting away for hours, noting the translucent blush and the wonderfully sculptured ribs.

The Wooly Chanterelle, Gomphus floccosus is a "Trumpet" mushroom, but is in a different genus than the Chanterelle considered "choice" for eating.  The edible Chanterelle, Cantharellus cibarius, has a smooth cone-shaped cap, where ours is scaley inside. Amanda says it is the largest specimen she's seen.  We wrapped it in waxed paper and put it in the fridge last night, and today, although a little darker on the ribby stalk, it is still in good shape.  She will slice it and put it in the dehydrator to become a specimen in the New Brunswick Museum.


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