Announcing Plein-air Painters For Conservation

I like to paint with other artists - and I have often wished that we had a way of mobilizing to help raise awareness of the beauty and value of special places that are in urgent need of conservation - to paint together, or singly, in such a way that people would see and understand. Then I got the idea of linking to conservation organizations and citizen groups who are keen to organize events and spread the word about their worthy causes - to host artists to paint on site, and exhibit their work afterward.

I've started a new blog for plein air (outdoor) artists at, to be the display case for dedicated outdoor painters from anywhere in the world - anywhere they can find  threatened natural areas and like-minded sponsors to facilitate and promote their work.

As I wrote in the new blog's first post, artists have tremendous power to evoke an emotional response from people. Bypassing politics and opinion, our love shines through our work, directly to the heart of the viewer. Each special place speaks its own value through the time we spend living and breathing with it in intimate contemplation, striving to capture its essence in our work.

Spread the word, and share the link.


  1. What an excellent idea, Aleta. You are so right about paintings evoking "an emotional response...directly to the heart of the viewer". Very well said.
    Yes, I will spread the word and share the link.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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