Crooked Creek Rocks and Water (oil on canvas 11 x 14 in.) Sold

14 August finds me on the west bank of Crooked Creek, in the Caledonia Gorge Protected Natural Area (PNA) north of Riverside Albert, New Brunswick. I am fascinated by the flat-sided water-smoothed gray-green rock cutting the water like a dorsal fin, and in contrast, the rusty-coloured rock lying beside it like the head of a mastiff. The colours, shapes, and textures of the rocks in Crooked Creek are so diverse that it merits another painting!
 I am on the same side of the river as the rock I painted in June last year, but this time the wooden "first bridge" has been rebuilt so I can walk across and get a different angle on things. The idea of the second year of these two-year all-taxon inventories run by the New Brunswick Museum, is to revisit in a different year's weather, the territory that we became familiar with in the first year, and to fill in more of the gaps. It feels good to be back!


  1. Beautiful, Aleta. This reminds me of the photos of BC rivers in my father's Living Rivers of British Columbia books. Rivers and streams were his favourite things in life, not counting my mother, of course who was his lifelong love, and perhaps not counting us, although we didn't really want to find out if we came before or after rivers.

  2. This creek is has astonishingly few of the organisms we specialize in and even very few fish, but I'm going to try to walk long stretches of it to see if there are "hidden pockets of Unionid mussel diversity" - or "Unionid mussel presence," as the case may be.

  3. Beautiful! This is a hot contender for my very favorite of all your "30 Years Later" paintings!


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