Special Auction for Musquash Estuary Series

My paintings from New Brunswick's Musquash Estuary are now complete.

Fred and I are happy to present this series of 10 oil paintings for auction by e-mail, to support our Landscape Art and Science expeditions in partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The NCC have full use of the images of these paintings.

View the paintings throughout the 10 posts below. The starting price for each painting is indicated at the bottom of the journal text in its blog post. Simply E-mail me with your bid and I'll keep you privately informed of counter bids.

The auction closes on Wednesday, 21 August, 2013.



  1. Oh, they're wonderful, Aleta. I love the one on the top right, and the one Fred is holding, and...
    Wishing you success with the auction. I'm so proud to have an original Karstad painting!


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