Island and Cloud Shadow (oil on canvas 10 x 20 in.)

16 August 2013 found me canoeing south on Sylvester Lake from the art camp on the shore of Wolf Lake, Temagami District. The mood of open water is entirely influenced by wind and sky. Today it's like a fairy tale. The lake is smooth and the reflections exquisite. Looking behind us at the old growth forest on the western shore, I was entranced by a cloud shadow making an arrow shape with its reflection, and inserted in its tip was the sharp bright sliver of a granite island, glowing pink in the sun.

I began this painting shortly after the Wolf Lake trip, but had to set it aside for the autumn field work and paintings of the Frontenac Arch. I have allowed the soft violet underpainting which lies within the folds of the forest, forming an atmosphere for the trees, to emerge in the unfinished painting of the reflection of the nearer forest on the left. The influence of the violet underpainting also makes the pale blue sky more subtle, and supports the darker sky reflection which reaches forward toward our canoe, which was floating on cloud reflections.

Dear patrons and supporters,

This painting is for sale for $700 to support our work for conservation. If you would like to purchase it, please contact me   


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