Red Pine Rapids on the Dumone

5 August 2017 found me painting on a mossy ledge about 30 metres downstream from the canoe landing at Red Pine Rapids, on the Dumoine River. Red Pine is a long series of five rapids coming out of Robinson Lake, where our CPAWS art camp pitched our base for 6 days.

Behind me are White Cedars, and among the mosses are Blueberries, just finishing their blooming. A Pine and a Cedar share the rocky island that separates, like the bow of a canoe, the straight channel along the far bank, from the slower water on this side.

I set up my umbrella for
shade, and spent a few hours here painting and enjoying the noisy company of the river from the solitude of my mossy perch, while Vic Dohar painted in watercolours at the canoe landing, and Jay Morrison, who brought us here, relaxed and watched.

This painting was sold to raise funds for protection of the Dumoine River and its wilderness watershed, at the CPAWS soiree in October.


  1. So evocative! Just beautiful and capturing the essence of that natural beauty that soothes the soul.

  2. So evocative of that feeling I have when I am out on the river - a feeling of being in reverence and completely at home. I love this piece! (actually I think all of your work is just extraordinary).


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