Dumoine Partnership

Dumoine Partners (9 x 12 in. oil on birch panel) $750 
3 August 2017 found me on the rocky riverbank of the Dumoine below the bridge at La Grande Chute, beside thundering whitewater in the company of three other painters, on the first full day of the art camp.  DRAW2017 (Dumoine River Art for Wilderness) was the first annual artists' retreat of the Ottawa Valley Chapter of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society,  and I looked forward to four more days, relating to the spectacular Dumoine River, and enjoying the company of fellow artists.

The others were up on the higher rocks just behind me, inspired by the tremendous energy of the spectacular first falls of the long, straight, natural chute, which I had painted last year. To reach my ledge, one has to step carefully on smooth, snakelike roots, through a kind of doorway between trees. Just to the right as you pass through, and facing the river, there is a small inuk of stacked rocks, and a carved wooden sign, saying "in memory of
canoeist Don Smith of Deep River, who died in 2007. This must certainly have been a favourite spot of his.

Each time I come here I find that the galloping chaos of whitewater envelopes me with such massive energy that I feel alone, even when others are near. To rest my eyes from the bounding and churning, I've always looked to the cool shady rocks on my left, where  a Yellow Birch and an Eastern White Cedar share the same precarious perch, hugging the rocks and each other. This time I decided to paint them.

Dear supporters and patrons of my art,

The  9 x 12 inch original oil painting, "Dumoine Parthers" is available for purchase at $750. If you would like to purchase it, please contact Aleta 


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